So you've decided to become a H.E.R.P. Conservation member and join us on one of our global expeditions? That's awesome!

Oh and... thank you!

Because of your participation, the lives of herps across the Globe will become a little bit brighter. Your contribution will be invested in local conservation or study projects. Some of them you'll visit on the trip you're signing up for.

You're almost ready to join the team.

But first... let's go over some essential preparations.

What to consider before signing in

Signing in tells us you're definitely joining on the next trip to said destination. We are adding you to the team and are counting on you to join!

If you require additional info, please don't sign in yet! Take another look on the Expedition page and send us an email with any questions you may have.

Please make sure you're ready to commit, have thought things over, checked your finances, asked time off work and are free to travel during the dates stated on the Expedition page.

If you don't get a response right away, don't worry! After signing up, we have definitely received your registration. We're often abroad and processing your info can take several days!

Once we have received and processed your information, we'll contact you and keep you updated on what comes next. We'll send you the Expedition waiver and payment information soon after.

Not all of the expeditions are available all the time. If the Expedition you're interested in, is not listed in the Sign In form below, it is fully booked or not available just yet!


Our trips do NOT include flights.

It might be a good idea to check out possible flight paths for your trip prior to signing up, but DO NOT book flights just yet! 

We'll let you know when the time is right to commit to buying flights. If requested, we can even aid you in finding the best flight option for you.

Ready? Sign up for your Expedition!

I have read and understood everything on this page.
I am in good physical health.
I am signing up to become a H.E.R.P. Conservation member.
all abovementioned information is correct and I'm ready to join the trip.