Specialization: Venomous Snake Handling

Handling venomous snakes is an acquired skill and not without risk. More and more people in Europe keep venomous snakes as pets and often do so without any prior practical experience. Emergency services, veterinarians, zookeepers and biologists also often come into contact with venomous animals, while their training or education pays little attention to this animal group.

Handling venomous snakes takes a lot of practice, repetition and finesse to master. A single mistake can have serious consequences! In addition, just 'being able to' handle a venomous animal is not enough! Knowing how toxins work, which precautions one needs to take during handling and how to respond correctly to an emergency is equally important!

We at the H.E.R.P. offer a two-day training course in handling venomous snakes. During the training, the participants are gradually introduced to working with venomous animals and are taught various handling techniques. This course is suitable for emergency services, veterinarians, zookeepers, biologists and hobbyists who want to learn more about toxinology and working with venomous animals.

This introductory course covers all important aspects related to working with potentially dangerous snakes and gives the trainees the opportunity to get acquainted with venomous snakes 'hands-on' under the guidance of specialists.



During this course you will be exposed to dangerous animals.

Participation is at your own risk and possible from an age of 18 years.

The Subjects

- Biology of Venomous Reptiles

An introduction to toxinology. In this section we will discuss what venom is, what venom acts on and which reptiles are venomous.

- The Venomous Snakes

In this section we go over the most well-known genera of venomous snakes. We discuss their biology, behavior and their venom.

- Snakebite

The most important part of this course: snakebite.
We'll discuss first aid , how to set up a correct protocol, what the main symptoms are and how antivenom works.

- Practical: Handling venomous snakes

The most exciting part! All participants have the opportunity to work with venomous snakes and to practice different techniques.

- Sensitization

An important conclusion! In this section we will discuss how to properly work with venomous animals and how to grow as a 'handler'.



*excluding VAT


- Two full days of training (14 hours)

- Certificate

- Syllabus

- Lunch

- Possibility to buy high quality handling equipment

Next edition:

17/12/2022 - 18/12/2022

10:00 - 17:00

Hotel Den Briel

Abraham Voortmanstraat 2, Gent

This training will be in English!

You can register up to 1 week before the start of the course!

Accommodations: book directly at Hotel Den Briel.


- During this course you will be exposed to dangerous animals

- Participation is at your own risk and possible from 18 years of age

- This training is in accordance with Flemish legislation
- Dress code: long trousers and closed toe shoes (NO shorts, sandals, flip flops,...)

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